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Using the KT Care glove is simple and effecient. It allows for perfect makeup removal using only water. It is a revolutionary microfiber, developed in Switzerland, which allows deep cleansing to leave your skin perfectly clean and healthy.

save the planet and your money

The KT Care glove take care of the planet and is part of everyday life that respects the environment. By using only water with a washable glove, you will no longer have to consume cotton pads and makeup removers. It’s also great savings for you.

our products

KT Care gloves offer you perfect makeup removal using only water thanks to the revolutionary microfiber which is exclusive to KT Care. The fiber penetrates into every pore of your skin, capturing and absorbing the smallest impurities in order to cleanse and purify your face. It’s a chemical-free, gentle way to take care of your skin while protecting nature.

Share our mission

You can follow us on social media, but it won't change your life. On the other hand, you can help us raise awareness among those around you of the problems created on the environment by daily makeup removal. Because every day around the world, more than a billion wipes or makeup remover pads are thrown into our landfills – and all too often even directly into sewers. And every year, billions of plastic bottles for makeup removal liquids are produced and then discarded.
The impact of makeup removal on the environment is disastrous. The irony – or the good news – is that it can be stopped immediately, without difficulty, without sacrifice, without compromising our comfort. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.
This is our mission. Share it.

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