A new habit for the planet

The KT Care brand was created by Babette Keller Liechti, a woman entrepreneur known in particular for her great expertise in the field of microfibers. She has been supplying major luxury brands through her company Keller Trading for three decades, particularly those active in the jewelry and watchmaking sectors.

Having been convinced for a long time of the potential of microfibers and their applications in everyday life, she has developed a whole range of products that have quickly proven essential in many contexts: daily care, hygiene, sports, personal hygiene and outdoor activities. Each product is designed to meet two essential requirements: efficiency and eco-responsibility. 

True to the technique that has built her company’s reputation – using knitted rather than woven microfiber – Babette has created a revolutionary makeup remover glove that enables perfect makeup removal using only water. Its incredible efficiency, combined with obvious ecological advantages, makes it a real game changer in the field of cosmetics. No more need for cleansing liquids, cotton pads or makeup remover wipes. Each glove is washable and reusable for considerably more than two years.

While Babette realizes that her glove has the ability to revolutionize the cleansing ritual for hundreds of millions of women around the world, its ecological advantages are just as appealing. The environment is an urgent priority for her, not only in today’s world but especially in that she wishes to leave to her children and grandchildren.

“A new habit for the planet”… That’s how Babette sees KT Care’s mission!