take care about you

Using the KT Care glove is simple and effecient. It allows for perfect makeup removal using only water. It is a revolutionary microfiber, developed in Switzerland, which allows deep cleansing to leave your skin perfectly clean and healthy.

Nothing but water

Where your makeup removal ritual requires the application of products to your skin to remove your makeup, the KT Care glove works with water. Nothing but water. Risk-free care for your skin, more effectively and the simplest way in the world.

An exclusive fiber

The KT Care makeup remover glove is made from a fiber that is knitted – not simply woven – and in which each thread consists of 410 filaments. Simply wet it to allow the loop-shaped microfilaments to cleanse the pores of the skin thoroughly. The KT Care makeup remover glove is washable and reusable for more than two years.

Simple and economical on a daily basis

The KT Care glove is a guarantee of a life with fewer constraints. A glove and water and that’s it. At home, on the move, everywhere and every day, no more need for makeup remover products. One simple, economical gesture every day.